TV Wall Mounting Inverness

TV Wall Mounting Inverness
Inverness PC Repair are your local TV wall mounting installers. We have many years of experience in hanging flat screen TVs, so if you are looking to have your TV installed, de-installed or moved, we can offer you a full range of services.

If you have already bought your TV and now require a television installation then give us a call. We carry a good range of TV brackets on our vans so we are happy to supply you a bracket.

Brackets and Cables.
We use only professional TV wall mounting brackets. We supply flat brackets, tilt brackets, articulated arm brackets and many others. Our TV wall mounting in Inverness service offer a full range of HDMI cables, Scart, Coax and Cat5e for any installation.

Any Wall Type
Whatever the wall type you have, plasterboard, solid brick, we can securely mount your TV on your wall and where you want it. We use a wide range of fixings to ensure we mount your TV safely no matter what your wall is constructed of. Couple this with our experience and attention to detail, you can rest assured we offer the best TV Wall Mounting in Inverness to have your TV wall mounted safely and securely!

Cable Concealment
With our TV wall mounting in Inverness service we specialise in full cable concealment when wall mounting your TV. We can do this by cutting into the wall to create access holes and channels that allow us to route power, aerial and HDMI cables to the TV. Any access holes, raggles or channels that we have to make in order to conceal your cables will be repaired and plastered over and will require a light sanding prior to redecoration.

We provide our TV fitting service in Inverness and surronding areas and for any size of TV. Whether your TV installation is required for a smaller TV in a kitchen or bedroom or something larger in your sitting room or for a home cinema system, we are happy to help. We can also provide commercial TV installations for our business customers and are able to supply a good range of brackets and TVs to suit your location.