WiFi Inverness

WiFi Inverness

Inverness PC Repair can help with WiFi for residential, retail, hospitality and guest WiFi solutions.

Many establishments offer a free service to their customers without benefiting from the marketing opportunity or taking into account the legal implications.

Inverness WiFi solutions allow you to turn a normal business expense into a fantastic marketing opportunity and gain tangible returns from the service, while keeping your business on the right side of the law.

A good WiFi service is essential to attract customers, but can also increase existing customer loyalty and spend!

  • Great marketing opportunity - Display current offers and promote special events on your WiFi home page.
  • Gather customer emails for targeted marketing - Customers create a simple account which gives them access to your WiFi, this ensures you can make the most of your customers and market to them if you wish.
  • Keep control of who connects and for how long - You can limit access to time limits or block users who abuse the goodwill of free access.
  • Limit how much bandwidth a user can use to ensure everybody gets a good connection and helps you keep a check on usage.
  • Stay legally compliant - By providing an internet service to the public you have an obligation to keep certain information about who uses the service. Our WiFi solutions can provide this service meaning you stay compliant.

Why is a good Inverness WiFi Network essential?

WiFi is a essential business facilitator. Providing wireless internet access can help increase revenues, reduce costs, enhance the customer experience and provide new opportunities.

Guest WiFi has become a necessity. Consumers now take wireless internet connectivity into account when choosing venues and the quality of the connection is vitally important. A user-friendly wireless internet service helps attract and retain customers.

A recent survey detailed 86% of customers see WiFi as a must when selecting a venue. Therefore ensuring that your venue has both a reliable wireless network and suitable internet connection is essential.

Our Inverness WiFi solution can provide an opportunity for targeted marketing campaigns and tailored promotions via the use of tailored splash pages, this also ensures brand consistency throughout the guest internet experience.

Features of Inverness WiFi solution

  • Customised to reflect YOUR brand with tailored landing pages and SSIDs
  • Robust, resilient and scalable and backed by a rigorous SLA.
  • Fully managed with monitoring and upported by a local engineering.
  • Secure and Private and Public SSIDs. Isolation of all devices on the Public network.
  • Flexible and you have control over the service you offer your customers.

Choose WiFi Inverness to create and manage your guest and venue internet connections. Contat us now for a FREE demo!. Live demo coming soon.


Inverness WiFI have successfully designed, installed and implemented several WiFi systems in hotels and establishments in the Highlands area. We aim to be honest, professional and friendly to all our customers

We guarantee you the best on service and price!

Applications For Inverness WiFi

  • Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts
  • Pubs and Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops and Cafes
  • Shops and Shopping Centers
  • Offices and Workshops


Inverness WiFi has a professional team trained to CompTIA Network+ and Cisco technical standards.

We hold certifications in CompTIA Software + Hardware +, Network+, Ceftifications from Microsoft, HP, Dell, Lenovo, IBM and Cisco.

  • Experienced Cisco Engineers
  • Multi Vendor Qualified
  • Network Trained
  • Fully Insured
  • Professionally Qualified