Virus Removal Inverness

Virus Removal Inverness

Did you know that applications can be downloaded to your computer opening up a 'back door', exposing your personal information like photos, credit card or banking details just by you visiting some websites?

Some of those web sites seem harmless and offer free stuff like software, mp3s and movies but attach malware, trojans and viruses to your computer. Some 'malwares' are just annoying or embarrassing when it keeps popping up advertisements or redirecting you to inappropriate websites but some can be dangerous!

Removal of most trojans, virus, worms, adware and malware is possible with a reputable Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware application but some variants are quite difficult to detect and remove and thus require manual cleaning techniques.

We have very high success rates for removing virus, rootkits and self-replicating malware variants. However in our experience, we have not found any Anti-Virus or Anti-Spyware program that will detect and remove ALL traces of ALL infections. That is why we take a multi-layered approach to cleaning a system successfully; using several different software packages and techniques to achieve our goal.

For these reasons, we do not try to clean an infected PC 'on-site' or charge by the hour for virus and spyware problems. Considering that one scan may take an hour or more depending on the number of files in the system, we could be at your house for a very long time!

Sometimes if a computer is heavily infected and too many critical Windows files are damaged, the only practical way forward is to format the system and reinstall Windows.

If this the case we will backup any data you have and also install FREE Anti Virus to keep you protected!.

A full computer virus cleaning can last over few hours. So they are a set price of £60.

If that's sounds good then get in touch with us about our virus removal service.

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Free Anti Virus

Inverness PC Repair offer free antivirus softaware with every visit!.

Once we removed infected files and any malware from your computer we will install antivirus software to keep you protected.

Our antivirus soloution is auto updated every week and comes with a lifetime licence.

So you can relax without having any worries about the security of your computer.