Inverness Telephone Engineer

Inverness Telephone Engineer

Telephone Line Problems Fixed!

Fully independent BT experienced telephone engineer, our fibre broadband engineer provides telephone extensions, telephone sockets, line relocates, data points, ethernet network cabling, wifi and home network installation. Your local Inverness telephone engineer can provide all telephone services and repair with diagnosis of all internal & external telephone line and broadband faults.

We can normally accommodate your requests asap unlike some companies who take weeks to make an appointment. Our prices are also very competitive, for instance you will pay a third of the price what BT, Virgin Media would charge you for an engineer doing the same task. Our average call out charge is £45 which includes the 1st hour labour.

If your telephone service is supplied by BT, Sky, Plusnet, Talk Talk, Tiscali, AOL or any other service provider we can certainly help with any faults. The fault could possibly be in your home or on the external providers network.

Has your provider checked your line ? and told you your internal wiring or connected equipment is at fault and that a large call out charge fee for an engineer is required ? If yes then call your local Inverness telephone engineer for an affordable telephone line or broadband repair.

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Inverness Telecoms Engineer

Repair for all your telephone and broadband issues.
  • Telephone Socket Installation
  • Improve Broadband Speed
  • Relocate Master Sockets
  • Telephone Wiring Tidied
  • vDSL Faceplate Fitting
  • Telephone Faults & Repair
  • Broadband Faults & Repairs
  • New Broadband Installations